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The myth of flash game


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Girellando su fastseduction ho trovato questo post.

Mi sembra interessante. Che ne dite?


You go out to the club. You just opened a girl then jumped into some routines,

gotten her laughing and giggling. You jokingly flirt with your wingman like

he's your boyfriend. The girl touches you and you say "Hands off the

merchandise." Everything's going well. but then she leaves to dance, or to see

her friends, or. something, and you don't see her again.

That wouldn't be too upsetting, but it's the fourth set of the night. That you

lost like that. And your numbers aren't panning out when you get them.

What's going on here?

There's a style of game that gets guys into conversation and gets reactions

that are seemingly positive from women without getting you real results. The

problem is that it's all flash. you're not really getting anywhere.

A solid interaction that leads to sex or a relationship usually doesn't look

too impressive to onlookers. If they catch you opening her, they'll be

impressed, but within a few minutes, you'll look like old friends catching up.

A few minutes later and it'll look like you're her boyfriend.

When Woodhaven introduced Natural Game, some thought it was called that because

it was a style used by "naturals" - Not the case. It's called Natural Game

because it's what women naturally respond to. It's broken down from successful

seductions across the ages, and it works.

When you carry an interaction seductively, in a natural, cool way, you get

results. You get women. When you entertain, and be flashy, it looks good if

you're trying to impress a guy nearby, but it doesn't get real results with the

woman at nearly the frequency of a cool, natural approach.

Some instructors demonstrate flash game to impress their students. It

impresses, too: If a guy has never gotten with a woman off a cold approach, how

would he know what a good interaction looks like? The barrage of joking around,

crazy routines, and flashy stuff looks like just what the guy was missing: But

it's not.

How many approaches have you done without getting consistently good results?

Anyone who says you need 1000 approaches before you're at all good is full of

shit: Flash game takes that long to get rolling because it's a poor formula.

You're trying to make bad game work okay (and getting really bad habits in the


Flash game might be better than nothing. You're going to get more results

spitting out ridiculous nonsense than you will sitting at home eating potato

chips. But if you've done even dozens of approaches and you don't feel like

you're getting further along each time, it's time to reanalyze your game. Flash

game might look cool for your buddies, but take it to the next level and start

getting the women you want.




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