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Alpha male behaviour


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Sul mulo ho trovato questo articolo di TD, IMO molto interessante, purtroppo è un po' lungo e non ho tempo di tradurlo tutto, appena ho un po' di tempo vi faccio un riassunto, intanto chi sa l'inglese può leggerselo da solo, non è per niente complicato!

Still though, I've studied alpha behavior very carefully now, and I've noticed

some characteristics, which you guys may or may not agree with.

Here they are off the top of my head:



"Qualify" meaning that they never brag or even REMOTELY explain things... they

don't say "I'm tired right now", or "I'm really hung over", or "My good clothes

are at home", or "I used to be able to lift that weight, but I haven't been in

the gym for a while.", or "I could do that, but I'm having a bad day."

Similarly, they don't talk excessively about all the chicks they've laid, or

all their girlfriends, or all their success.

WHY? Because they don't even GIVE A FUCK enough about you to even tell you

about it.

They ASSUME that you'll think that they're the shit, because they ARE.



Think CLINT EASTWOOD. He hears a big bang or loud noise, and he SLOWLY turns

to look at it. He doesn't let ANYBODY disturb him. He's in his own reality.

I can remember walking into a class late one day, and not looking at the


The girls started giggling, as I looked totally unconcerned at what anyone

thought, and they started hitting on me after class. I mean I can hardly

convey this over the net.. The reaction was RIDICULOUS.


Think to when you are chatting some authority figure, or somebody who you

admire. If you're like me, you'll increase your speech DRAMATICALLY.

It's very obvious, and I've seen guys who are alpha start talking abnormally

fast when confronted with guys who are MORE alpha.

Talking fast is a way of QUALIFYING yourself to someone, because you are

WORRIED that they'll stop listening to you and that you won't get out what you

have to say.


Notice that when an obviously alpha guy is present, everyone faces their

body language towards him.

If you crack a joke, people wait for the alphamale to laugh as a sort of

"approval" of the joke. He laughs, and then everyone follows.

Also, an alphamale can crack a DUMB joke, but notice that everyone laughs.

It's a laugh of SUBMISSION in many ways, as when I'm HYPERLINK "" sarging girls they always

giggle non-stop.. (alot of HYPERLINK "" PUAs I've met will say "dude, you make girls giggle

like nobody else.. this is ridiculous".. This is only something that I learned

as I practised HYPERLINK "" ASF stuff, and it never used to happen.

Notice that chicks LAUGH HYSTERICALLY when you call them

"geeks/dorks/powerpuffgirls".. Or they laugh when you say that if they're not

rich you'll break up with them.

Guys, this stuff is NOT FUNNY. But they laugh like it's the funniest thing

they've ever heard. Why? IMO, it's because it's a laugh of submission. These

C&F remarks set you as ALPHA, and they giggle to submit.

This is called going "girly-girl", and the ugly chicks always bash the hotties

for giggling at the captain of the football team's lame jokes.. "see how she

laughs at all his dumb jokes.. its so pathetic!" (Even though they WISH that

THEY were the ones who the cool-guy would be chatting up)


Alphas seem to take ANYTHING that challenges their alpha status in the room and

USURP it for themselves.

This is a variation of being the ANCHOUR of the convo.

Basically, if you're not the alpha, and you say something cool, the alphamale

might do something like "YEAH THAT IS THE SHIT... YOU COULD EVEN DO X,Y,Z...."

Somehow, YOUR cool idea has become THEIR cool idea, and they've usurped the credit for your idea.


There's this one dude, who whenever I hang out at his house (university

frathouse type deal, with lots of guys living there), there will always be this little "alpha-subtext" deal going on.

Like, I'll be showing the dudes there something, and I'll have ALL the attention.

But will HE come over and act impressed? NOPE.

He'll just go do his own thing, or just sit there eating his ravioli, unimpressed with me, in his own reality.

The ONLY time he'll pay attention to what I'm doing is if it's a case like 4b, where he'll usurp it for himself.

Otherwise, he's NEVER interested.


I've noticed that I can't get along with alphamales as well as I used to be able to.

It's like a conflict in the room, where the hierarchical status is totally out of order.

Alphas will often hate each other, except that when they DO make friends, they are BEST FRIENDS.

Or, they can co-exist, but have this sort of weird way of talking.

Like they'll say things to each other in ways that don't qualify themselves, so it's sort of like a weird broken conversation. I dunno how to describe this, but I'm sure you've all seen it.

Anyway, they get along with everyone, since everyone is on their knob. But as soon as someone who tries to "take over" the alpha status comes along, he's ridiculed for whatever reason they see fit.


I've noticed that alphas will also have tendencies to take any question that you may have posed in attempt to get rapport with them, and answer it with some stupid non-sensical bullshit.

This goes back to why I say "don't ask girls questions.. just make statements until they try to get rapport with YOU.. 'what's your name', etc etc"

Say that you come across an alphamale, and you want to try to get rapport with him. Maybe you'll ask him some basic questions or something.

But he'll answer with stupid shit like "guess", or "I work at taco bell.. I'm the employee of the month".. SOUND FAMILIAR? :)

Also, they have a tendency to take what you asked and TWIST it around to ridicule you.


Have you ever been onto a campus where there are cliques everywhere?

Go look at the clique of rich jewish kids. (Many of my closest friends are in these, so no stupid racist bullshit comments)

They don't give a fuck about you. You can be the centre of attention, life of the party, whatever.

It doesn't matter, they're in their corner with a few hotties, minding their own business, and they're NOT gonna come out to see what cool shit is going on with you.

Now you'd THINK that this would make them BETA, but there's just something

ABOUT them that make it seem cool.

Their disinterest puts them up above you, and if they DO come over, they come over like you're their "CLOWN" whose purpose is to ENTERTAIN THEM. It's all about THEM, not YOU. Again, "USURPING THE GLORY".


When I was in NYC with Papa and Mys, we stayed at the house of this guy named

"Garvellous" (NYC Lair top guy).

He was a really cool guy, and he'd been laid around 40 times in college before he'd even FOUND HYPERLINK "" ASF .

He'd been in a frat, and he told me about something that the frathouse would intentionally do to new pledges when they'd apply.

According to Garvellous, they were told to appear UNAPPROACHABLE and CLIQUISH initially.

THEN, they were to be REALLY DOWN TO EARTH.

What he explained was that if you APPEAR to be cliquish and unapproachable, that when you turned out to be actually down to earth, people would say "this guy is the NICEST/COOLEST guy.."

As opposed to a librarian or a geek being nice, which NOBODY appreciates because they interpret it as COMPENSATING for short-comings.

Just think: Imagine if you were to bump into Jay-Z or Dr. Dre or Michael Jordan, and they had a big entourage. The celeb in question comes up to you and says "what's up.. having a good time dude? cool.. yeah this place is pretty busy you know, and it can be kinda intimidating.. but you know, I just try to have a good time.. anyway, have a good night man.."


You'd tell EVERYBODY about how cool and down to earth the celeb is, and you'd

be really appreciative and impressed.

Now take the SAME REMARK from a geek or whatever, and you wouldn't give it a

second thought... Whatever, its just some geek.

In clubs, the "unapproachable" guys are the dudes who wear sunglasses into the

club, and have superfly clothes and a corner with hot girls. Notice that if

one of THOSE guys approaches your set in a club, you will NEVER snub him. The

two-man cockfarm of generically dressed guys on the other hand, its a different



Here is one that I find really funny.

Look at rapport 50-Cent, or any stereotypical rockstar.

Now your average woman will have all of these "ideals" that guys should have,

but notice that these go out the window for guys like 50-Cent.

50-Cent raps about how he's going to kill and shoot people.. Fuck hoes, etc


NOBODY questions this.

He is 50-Cent, he's from the streets, and THAT-IS-WHO-HE-IS.


Similarly, a rockstar pumps massive drugs and fucks groupies all day long.

He's a REBEL.. a BADBOY.. a SEX SYMBOL.. (notice the correlation, and how

projecting rebel/badboy can get you laid, even though there is no LOGICAL

reason for that being the case)..

Even a spiritual guy who talks about inner-peace and non-violence and all that

stuff will usually say "well, he's a superstar" when they're asked what they

think about these types of guys.. (there are exceptions of course, and the

dudes with more zeal will call out anybody).

Another example is like COLLEGE ALPHA MALES who wear dumb shit like TOGAS and

marker up their faces with magic marker and shit like that.

Notice that everyone thinks that its COOL, just because the "cool kids"

(alphas) are doing it. NOBODY questions it.


1) Good topic for discussion - how to DEAL with these kinds of guys. For any

of us who do clubs, these kind of guys can be DIFFICULT TO BEFRIEND, for group

theory purposes (for HYPERLINK "" social proof , and of course for stealing their chicks)

So how do we get good at out-alpha-ing these guys, who barely talk, and who are

disinterested in getting to know you?

2) In what ways do WE on HYPERLINK "" ASF EMULATE these behaviors?

Some obvious ones are just making statements and not asking about them until

they go for it first.

And following up "what's your name" with answers like "guess".

3) How does this CONFLICT with the fact that you NEED TO BE TALKATIVE in order

to pickup.

It's funny, because it could be argued that the true alpha doesn't TRY to

pickup, but just goes out with his group and has girls do the work to approach


It just strikes me funny that although I'm supposedly thought of as this big

alpha guy on campus, that I TRY REALLY HARD compared to all the other alphas.

Basically, I'm a MASSIVE try-hard when you really get down to it. I just hide

it very well.

So if alphamales don't talk too much, because that is QUALIFYING YOURSELF, then

how do we run a good HYPERLINK "" PU ?

One way to get over this hump is to just go and make statements, run routines,

etc etc, in a way that conveys that you're just in the mood to TALK, and it has

NOTHING to do with impressing them.

Of course this is what David D, Gunwitch, and others are referring to when they say its 90% body language/tonality.

This goes back to the ideas of 2) TALK SLOW, 3) NOT LOOKING AROUND. Also 1)

NOT QUALIFYING YOURSELF is important here as well, since you JUST TALK and don't try to get rapport, or say things that could be interpreted as qualifying yourself.

A GREAT way to do this is JERK ROUTINES, which are HYPERLINK "" NEGS because you are saying that you don't want them, so they interpret that as NOT qualifying yourself, which makes them perceive you as alpha, which attracts them to you.

Also importantly here, 8) ALPHAMALES DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU... That is conveyed by the fact that you DON'T ASK QUESTIONS to the chick. You don't ask her her name, or where she works, or ANYTHING until she starts asking YOU.

IOW, I don't go for rapport with HER, until she goes for it with ME, and then I initially TEASE her that I won't reciprocate this intention ("guess", C&F answers, etc), for the first minute, until I DO give it to her.

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Pifferaio magico

Volevo segnalare alla community, che la maggiorparte degli articoli e post validi che si trovano sul mulo, più altri ugualmente validi che non si trovano nei canali di P2P, sono sotto opera di osservazione e traduzione da parte mia e di altri ragazzi. A breve, i più utili verrano tradotti e postati, contemporaneamente alla traduzione di cose più grandi e ambiziose. ;)

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Guys, this stuff is NOT FUNNY.  But they laugh like it's the funniest thing

they've ever heard.  Why?  IMO, it's because it's a laugh of submission.  These

C&F remarks set you as ALPHA, and they giggle to submit.

adesso mi spiego perche' le ragazze ridono quando le prendo a schiaffi :D

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niente male, anche se la maggior parte delle cose so sempre le stesse ;)

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