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Le 10 zone "da gemito"


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Non so se e' gia' stato postato qualche articolo simile , l'ho appena trovato su un sito americano e ve lo incollo. Se siete interessati, appena ho un briciolo di tempo ve lo traduco.



One of the most frequent complaints that women have about male sexual behavior is that men are too genitally focused. Many men, particularly those in long-term relationships, think they should "get down and dirty" as soon as possible, so they can start enjoying the main course. Whether they're watching too much porn (which skips most foreplay), or listening to so-called "experts" who preach the primacy of clitoral or G-spot stimulation, men get the impression that, like themselves, women want to get genital stimulation as soon as their clothes come off.

However, this is not only wrong, but stimulating a woman's genitals before she becomes aroused through foreplay is usually a turn off to most women!

This is because a woman's clitoris and genital area usually do not become conduits for sexual pleasure unless they are first activated by the increased blood flow that comes from arousal; that arousal usually begins with thorough, patient and passionate attention to her other erogenous zones.

Thus, when men initiate sex, they need to supply that arousal before approaching their partner's genitals.

This is not as hard as it sounds. Most women are extremely sensitive to stimulation in certain often overlooked areas of their bodies; and a proper stimulation of these "moan zones" will produce exactly the kind of arousal that will then be manifested in vaginal lubrication and real readiness for a direct approach to her clitoris and genitals.

Here are the most important of these moan zones:

Moan Zone #1 - The Eyelid to Temple Zone

The area above and on her eyelid has a great concentration of nerve endings, and giving her light kisses along the arch of the lid and onto the temple is a great way to start foreplay. The spot between the outer corner of the eye and the cheekbone is also very sensitive. Thus, after some nice passionate kisses, a lover should let his lips wander all over her face, concentrating on these zones.

Find out how to stimulate everything from her neck to her "V" zone to her "Treasure Trail".

Moan Zone #2 - The Ear to Neck Zone

A woman's ears are one of the most forgotten of pleasure zones, yet most women are extremely sensitive behind and over their earlobes. Using kisses and a licking tongue or gently stroking finger, trace the folds of her ears, nibble on her lobes, and gently stroke behind her ears and down the back of her neck.

Moan Zone #3 - The Neck to Shoulder Zone

Believe it or not, this is the primary moan zone! A majority of women get totally turned on by stimulation of the area from the back and sides of their neck to the ends of their shoulder blades. Some women can even orgasm from stimulation just in this area! Here, you can be a little less gentle: hard kisses, even love bites, and firm massage of this moan zone will be appreciated; the more time you spend here, the louder her moans will be. Try this with your lover: Approach her unawares from behind, then plant rows of kisses from the back of her neck down her shoulders.

Moan Zone #4 - The Navel to "V" Zone

Most women fantasize about being held in a firm manly grip, so don't be afraid to put your hands on or around her waist. Holding her from behind (while kissing the back of her neck), run your hands from her ribs to her pelvic bones, kneading and massaging the area in between. Let your hands roam all over the "V" zone, that triangular area from her hipbones to the top of her genitals (But hold off on grabbing those genitals just yet!).

Moan Zone #5 - The "Treasure Trail" Zone

The most sensitive area of a woman's lower torso is the aptly named Treasure Trail . This is the crease or line that extends across a woman's lower abdomen from one hipbone to the other, passing right over the top of the region covered with pubic hair (in its unshaved state). Make sure your kisses and fingers explore this "trail" before reaching her genitals.

Moan Zone #6 - The Feet Zone

This is a conditional moan zone. Some women are self-conscious about their feet and might be reluctant to allow you to pay court to them. For many others, however, it is a very erotic area. You can test your partner's attitude towards it and try to remove any reluctance by bathing her feet, then drying them on a soft towel. Move from there to a thorough massage of the feet using edible massage oil; then, follow it with oral stimulation. Start slowly, tracing the line of the massage strokes, and let your tongue travel between and around each toe before taking it in your mouth. If she responds with moans, you have identified another prime target for arousing your partner.

Don't give up yet; the best is yet to come --

Moan Zone #7 - The Behind the Knee Zone

The skin behind the knees is thin and soft and very responsive to touch because the nerves are close to the surface. Most women find that kissing and licking the crease directly behind the knee is very pleasurable -- some even get shivery chills of excitement from such stimulation. From her feet, work your way to this zone and then focus on it.

Moan Zone #8 - The Sacral Crease Zone

One of the more erotic zones in a woman's body is the crease between the curve of her buttocks and the top of her thighs, known as the sacral crease. Stroking or running a finger along that crease usually produces a strong erotic response. If your lover is on all fours or on her stomach and you are pleasuring her from behind, it is good to tease that area with a line of kisses or licks, bringing your lips closer and closer to her vaginal area with each pass.

Moan Zone #9 - The Buttocks Zone

The buttocks themselves are a strong erogenous zone, but they need to be approached slowly, after the other moan zones have been stimulated. Light stroking or a teasing little squeeze while you are stimulating Zones 1 through 8 are fine, but save the hard stuff, like firm squeezing or light spanking, until you have your partner well warmed up.

Moan Zone #10 - The Inner Thigh Zone

This is the penultimate moan zone, the last area to be stimulated before moving to her genitals. Don't overlook it though, as soft kisses and light fingertip stroking from her knees right up to (but not including) her vulva and clitoris will send her into that loud moaning state that proclaims her readiness for genital stimulation. The teasing nature of such touches will be the spark that lights her fire, as anticipation is the key to feminine arousal.

utilize her entire body

So, guys, if you want to be known as a smooth operator and not just a genitally focused animal in bed, take it from an expert: Work the "moan zones" and you'll soon have her begging you for more!

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qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmi a tradurre un pochettino?


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bè non è difficile da comprendere... anche se in effetti alcune frasi non riesco a capirle :look:

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  • 8 anni dopo...

Lo usata più di una volta, non mi è sembrata molto utile, se in un contesto che si sa che stai per farlo serve ma poco.. se invece da "morta" vuoi eccitarla non ci siamo proprio, mi ha detto che sono rilassanti queste cose, quindi nessuna eccitazione.

A volte un dito che perlustra il buco del suo culo dal nulla fa molto di più ;)

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