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Ancora non ho molta confidenza con la funzione cerca  :ehm: :zott:, percui non sono riuscito a trovare niente di più di qualche accenno al test in oggetto.

Qualcuno potrebbe spiegare meglio questa routine, quale scopo ha, e dove meglio inserirla nel game con HB?

TNX  :cool2:

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Nel mio archivio ce l'ho in inglese, non ho tempo ora per la traduzione ma spero ti sia utile

PUA: Okay, I have to ask: how long have you guys known each other for?

(If you think they're sisters ask, Are you guys sisters or best friends?)

HBs: blabla

PUA: See, I knew that.

HBs: How could you know that?

PUA: I'll show you. In fact, I'll give you the best friend test.

HBs: (they always get excited here - they love tests for some fucking reason)

PUA: Okay… (pretend like I'm about to ask a serious question - you're hooked, right, so you know they're already hooked)… do you both use the same shampoo?

HBs: (look at each other, and then open their mouths to answer)

PUA: Okay, the answer doesn't matter. You already passed.

HBs: ???????.

PUA: See, if you weren't close to each other, you'd keep eye contact with me as you answered. But if two people have a connection, they look at each other first. Kind of like you're doing right now.

HBs: giggle (This is where the seduction newbies you just met see you making two strangers laugh and think you're a PUA God, LOL)

PUA: See, you don't even need to say anything to each other. It's like you just communicate telepathically.

Then, there are a million places to go from here: Often they'll just open up and start telling you about how they met. (Now you're REALLY in.) If one looked at the other one first, then you say that she is submissive and the other is dominant in the friendship. (Can be a great neg.) If they want more, I get personal here and ask, "Has one of you ever kissed someone the other person dated?" They fucking love this one - but don't make it your first question. You can also use the telepathy line to launch into a mind-reading/cold-reading routine if you do that. You'll figure the rest of this out as you do it in the field. It fucking rocks.

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Grazie Domino,

Più o meno a grandi linee ho capito, ma c'è nessuno sul forum che sappia tradurlo meno alla lettera meno di quello che gli ho dato io?


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ma un pò di inventiva no?

bhe il canned serve almeno all inizio ad avere qualcosa su cui appoggiarsi no?

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